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Deja Vu Dessous Adella Victorian Garter Belt


With incredible details we are practically deprived of in these modern times, this unique garter belt from the Victorian era is a treasure from days gone by. Hand sewn aqua satin waistband is embroidered with silk floss in a beautiful floral motif of ivory, magenta and sky blue. The addition of ivory stretch lace elastic at the waistband connects to more of the stunning original hand made garter. Coordinating aqua satin rosettes perch atop twin embroidered garter straps resting on each thigh. Ecru French lace edges each of the four garter straps while the stretch lace insures a sturdy backing for the entire affair. The metal garters feature delicately intricate designs etched into each clip and will hold your stockings with ease. Garter belt waistband is finished at back with the addition of two mother of peal buttons and elastic loop closures. Fixed waistband measures just slightly more than 26 inches, best fitting XS/24-25 or S/26 as shown.

Each Deja Vu Dessous piece is a one of kind item, redesigned from authentic vintage slips and trims. In the spirit of conservation and with a bit of couture handiwork, we reconstruct yesterday's treasures into today's delights preserving the original charm and adding a bit of modern flair. Who knew being green could be so sexy? These recycled confections prove that while trends may come and go, good taste never goes out of style.